We have been successfully providing 24/7 maintenance services of continuous production plants for years.

We perform comprehensive maintenance operations in the mechanical sector.

Our maintenance services for continuous production plants comprise the following: outsourcing of maintenance operations, industrial maintenance services, fabrication of steel structures, manufacture of parts and equipment, implementation of investment projects and repairs, as well as machining at our own fully-equipped workshops.

Thanks to a substantial flexibility of our human resources and the comprehensive stock of machines we are able to satisfy our Customers’ changing needs.

By entrusting maintenance services with REMSOD the Customers benefit from: control and reduction of operating expenses, improved reliability of technical equipment, application of the highest available standards of maintenance services, off-loading of their own resources and reducing the risk of operation of their production assets.

Making your process equipment more reliable.

Making your process equipment more reliable.

Our stock of machines provides the basis for industrial maintenance services and helps us attain one of the key goals of mechanical maintenance - making our Customers’ process equipment more reliable.

Anna Nowotnik, Key Account Manager